In my efforts to take on my fortress I have come to new realizations about it.  It is not what I thought it was as of the last blog.  I spoke of scaling or dismantling the walls and now I know, all I have to do is open the doors.  All the energy in tring to solve this can actually be quite simple.  Like all fortresses of stories and legends told, within it is usually a chapel or temple.  It is the temple I wish to tap into.  Within is the golden bhudda or the radiant light of the universe.  As a child I remember being told that we are a temple and God lives within this temple.  Well to me, as a kid, a chapel or temple is a building and I used to wonder how a building can be within us and then I had the thought of the guy with the white beard living in there.  A kids concept of things.  All these years I have remembered that and have learned the the temple is not a building and I carry it with me but it has had little effect on me.  Until now.

Meditation.  I have tried to meditate and have various CD’s from different people on their technique to do this.  They all begin in a similar way, imagine yourself on a beach, or in a garden.  That has given me difficulty.  I try to hard to imagine the place they speak of and miss the whole idea of meditation.  Well now I have my fortress, and the door is open.  My next step is to enter the temple, my temple.  The words to this song go along with what I have discovered.

My Fortress, home of the sacred place within,  within it is my heart and my home, my shelter.  It is where I find my maker who sustains me.  All I see when I enter is mine to own.  Even in my darkest hour, the light to the Divine Source is within this place.  It is my sanctuary and within it is love, courage, wisdom and the connection to all the answers I need.  I can do anything knowing my temple does exist and is protected by my fortress.