mk miracle fluke

This week is the focus on he movie poster.  I have done this before and I have modified it and shifted it around as it is a living thing in my perspective, as it is my road map.  The destination changes as time goes on.  It brings to mind many great movies that have been produced over the years with the reference to this as a ‘movie poster.’  There have been many great movies remade with the new technologies to make them more realistic.  One of the great movies that has been reproduced in some form but not totally a remake is the “Ten Commandments” and within that story is the parting of the Red Sea to escape the oppression of the Isrealites by the Pharoah.  I take this symbolism to heart as I see it within myself.  My self doubts, the obstacles in my way of thought that was taught when I was younger is the oppression that I created in myself.  The things that held me back.  My own limitations that are melting away as I move forward in my third time with MKMMA.  I see these thoughts parting much like the walls of water that took place in the story of the escape by Moses and his people.  The power of these walls no longer hold me  back and I walk through them peacefully on my way to the other side and the future the universe holds for me.  The reshifting of the movie poster is the next chapter of my movie.  One of love and sharing.  I am on the verge of a new and exciting future.  It changes from day to day and each day is an adventure.  It’s not a fluke as it states in the photo, it is reality, it is the will of the universe and God’s love.  All I need to do is choose the destination and believe.  On I go.