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mk obstacles

I hit one of my obstacles during the time off of week 19.  But before I hit this obstacle I had watched the movie ‘Finding Joe.’  The timing was good, it helped me through this obstacle though it made me silent for the duration. One of the quotes ‘Opportunities to find deeper power within ourselves  come when life seems most challenging’.  With this last obstacle comes a solution.  The challenge was to climb around this obstacle that was blocking my way.  I am still climbing around it, or side stepping as I like to call it.  It isn’t totally gone but the solution should remove it from my path or be placed behind me as I move away from it.  A new opportunity has arisen at the proper time and a decision has been made.  A difficult decision but I can make it now.  It is the time.

A second obstacle arose, not personal but business.  I rose to the occasion and completed a project that I never knew I could do.  The recent webinar on making a video helped me.  This project benefits others more than it does me.  ‘Give more get more’.  The project will be presented on Monday and 0nce done should reslove the second obstacle.  I am connecting with the people I need to make this possible and it amazes me how many and which ones of them want to work with me.  But my personal obstacle is the one that is not totally out of the way.  Generally one obstacle at a time is good for me, but two can take a lot of energy.  I am focusing on my energies to connect with the people that I need to accomplish on my personal obstacle.  Now I know it is possible my fears are subsiding.  I find that fear sometimes is mistaken with excitment.  I choose to be excited the next few weeks as my solution to this obstacle unfolds.

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My understanding is clear!  I know where I am going for the first time in a long time.  It is not status quo, it is an adventure.  My creativity is coming back at full force!  Let the good times roll!



mk visions

Shapes, the fifteen minute sit with added meditations, the readings and my audios I am at a point of an awakening that I have always managed to bury.  There were always too many other people or other things that were my focus.  Focus is now changed.  I have dug deep to find what holds me back and have found the inner me that does exist.  I forgot about her but here she alive and well. I am a Visionary and Adventurer.

I have been with people that I sometimes wonder about.  I think things and wonder why they don’t see it.  So I would conform.  I thought meeting new people would be an answer so  I went to a different church thinking it would be a good place to start.  I came away feeling like I was being placed back in the box and that I will not do.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience and there are no walls to contain me.  My faith is strong, of that, I have no doubt.   Now I know who I am and my visions will bring me ahead into the future with my authentic self.  I am making life altering decisions and without fear.  Being a visionary means that the things that I always thought could be are not just in my imagination.  They can be made to be a reality.  I will not let the people that are short sighted stop me.

My miracle is my awakening.  “I will live this day as if it is my last.”