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mk soul made visible

I have been a seeker and still am but I stopped asking books and the stars.  I started listening to the teaching of my soul.  ‘Rumi’

The turning point is to come to this realization of finding all that I need within me.  There have been glimpses of my authentic self but I never recognized it until this week.  Myself and my new circle of influence presented a project to local college students.  This has always something I have hesitated to be part of when it comes to talking to people I don’t know.  This time I was amazed by my self-confidence as I spoke my piece on the project.  When the session was over the professor said she loved my passion.  My true self came forth and it was as the quote on the photo, my soul was made visible.  I came away with the most fantastic feeling of self worth and happiness in doing this.  I have spent most of my life in a box of what I thought was expected of me.  Now I am free from that box and the potential within is starting to show.  What an exciting time.  My authentic self is a visionary and a seeker.  I am free from the self imposed box.

Week 17: Turning the Page

mk there comes a day

Part of this process for me has been reaching deep within myself, not to root out negatives of the past, but to search for the causes of my obstacles.  This in my mind is the only way to take back my power.  It is part of who I am and how I got to where I was.  I had to face the things that hold me back.  Now I have done that.  Things are in perspective and I turn the page to my future self.  No obstacles, no illusions, no self-imposed barriers.

And so it begins!  New page, new chapter, new life.


Week 16, part 2:

mk light at the end of the tunnel

I am facing all of my illusions at this point in time as I head for the light at the end of the tunnel. The beliefs that hels me back that I and I alone created.  My fears fade away as I reach within myself to recognize these illusions.  There is the reemergence of what I was taught that is now in the forefront of my mind as the rebirth begins.  It is part now of my future self, my wisdom and my new path.  The illusions fade and the new truth is vivid in my mind.

mk philosophy is kindness

As I move forward in the MKMMA it brings about many things I already know but in a different perspective.  All the things we are covering in our process to build the shift to our future self, have been things I have been taught very young and by observing my role model.  She lived this life and I never knew what it was until now.  I did not have to look far.  My role model was and is my mother.  She kept her opinions to herself but helped many with her listening skills.  She was kind without expecting anything in return.  She learned to look to her inner self and the power of the Divine Source without any guidance. She knew it was within.  She was a woman of great faith and that was her strength.  Even when her faith in her church failed her, she relied on her inner strength, her source.  I remember being very young.  She was in one of the darkest times of her life.  I was not in school and she would take me to an empty church and pray or meditate for her answers.  To this day I find more comfort in an empty church or with nature than I do with any organized religion service or ceremony.  Now I am learning to bring these special moments to wherever I am with the silent sit and the other time I set up for quiet meditation.  These moments with her were my first exposure to meditation.  It was a gift I did not recognize until I was older and now all the pieces are coming together as I search deep within me.  It is much more clear to me.  It was right in front of me with my mother and I have tried to be more like her.  She is a person to be admired and we all have that power within us all.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,”


What is normal to you? What normal appeals to you? Is it getting up, going to work, coming home, making dinner, going to bed, and repeating? Being a weekend warrior? Being in the forest? I think it’s a little bit different for everyone.

This amazing video is kind of a slap in the face for many of us whose true dreams and desires are being shelved in order to fit in to some predetermined “normal.” Check it out.

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.” ― Ellen Goodman  Click the link below.

What Is Normal?

mk natures greatest miraclemk candle

It may be for a reason but I did not write this blog post until today. It wasn’t intentional but it is the 55th anniversary of the date my father ended his life.  In my mind, he was a victim of PTSD from WWII.  How many young people we lose to this disorder.  They lose their way and their connection to the light within.  I was young when he died and have little memory of him, but my mother did make him known to me as a child and into my adulthood as to the man he was and the suffering he endured.  I may not know the pain he suffered to bring him to the point of this decision was his only option was to bring his pain to an end, but I am sad to know that this was the only option he believed in. He lost his way and his inner light was dimmed.  I was once an infant that brought joy to the lives of my parents and by their love, I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

I was once an infant that brought joy to the lives of my parents and by their love, I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.  From the babe I once was, to the adult I am now I know I have the inner light within and a connection to the Divine Source.  All things are possible unto me.  ‘I am not on this earth by chance, I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not shrink to a grain of sand.’