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From the list of films to choose from, I decided on October Sky for a couple of reasons.  I remember when the Sputnik was launched, vaguely, but I do remember.  I also remember my sister getting a chemistry set and she like Homer Hickam made rocket fuel and launched rockets.  We were younger than the characters in the movie, but I still remember going to the local field with her rocket in hand.  She would launch her rocket and we would watch it go up and come down with a parachute.  The difference in the story was that she never pursued the dream as did Homer.  Her dream was overshadowed by illness.  To see someone with the same dream realize their full potential was emotional for me.  The spark of that inner light that I saw in her was there in someone else.  This spark took hold in Homer Hickam.  It created his dream.  From the dream, he had to find a way to make it a reality, his DMP.  He persevered in his efforts to build his rocket and it took him from what would have been the traditional life in a coal mine to become a NASA Engineer.  He as with all of us, had a time where he lost his faith and his dream.  He went to the coal mine only to see Sputnik passing overhead as he went to the mine.  It rekindled the spark.  In his eagerness to develop this dream, he attracted the right people to get the encouragement and knowledge he needed.  The dream sparked the belief, the belief brought him to find the knowledge he needed and the people he needed to make it work.  This small belief brought him to the world of space technology beyond the small rockets he began with.  He believed in himself and tapped into the inner power within.

Hickam was employed by NASA as an aerospace engineer. During his NASA career, Hickam worked in spacecraft design and crew training. His specialties at NASA included training astronauts in regard to science payloads. Additionally, Hickam trained astronaut crews for numerous Spacelab and Space Shuttle missions, including the Hubble Space Telescope deployment mission, the first two Hubble repair missions, Spacelab-J (with the first Japanese astronauts), and the Solar Max repair mission. Prior to his retirement from NASA in 1998, Hickam was the Payload Training Manager for the International Space Station Program.

This is a prime example of what we can achieve if we believe in our dreams and we tap into the inner power within.  We can reach the stars if we choose. The choice is ours.  We must leave the inhibitions and limitations we create within ourselves behind and take the step forward.  The power of dreams, belief and determination is ours.

mk awaken humanity

The answer lies within.  Our dreams, our future self, our inner light, our innerself.  We are complete.   The tools are at our disposal, the choice is to use them.  Realizing and using our senses is part of this awakening.  As we take on our transformation we achieve our happiness and dreams along with an impact on others.  The greatest gift we have to give is that of our own transformation.

mk what lies behind us

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.’  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This past week was a time for getting together with family and friends.  It is also a time for the expression of love in the practice of exchange of gifts.  This year the most important gift for me was the realization of this expression by Ralph Waldo Emerson which is in keeping with the message of the MKMMA.  The power of all is within each and every one of us.  All the years of trying to find the answer has been lying withim me all this time.  It is a simple as making the choice to tap into it. My dreams lie there and have been waiting for me to find them.  My future self is there as well and is awakening.  This new year is the beginning of this new journey in my life.  I leave many things behind as I move forward.  Things I thought always had to be.  I now know that these things in my life are what have kept me from finding my happiness.

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I am late in getting this week 12 blog out. I had writers block I think.  Usually something pops into my mind but this particular week too many things came to mind.  Persistance in many things came to mind but this is what I find is the top most subject for me.  My comfort zone and how to leave it behind and move on.  I have come to a new realization that I must leave behind what I have known to face the new future self.  The coming decade is the time.  Moving forward one step at a time, finding the my true self that has been hidden by lifes challenges.  As she emerges these new decisions are being made.  The changes I used to fear are now changes I am looking forward to.  The adventure begins.

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My persistence is to find and rescue the child within.  I am getting glimpses of her.  She does still exist and I am working at the recovery.  I am coming terms to things I believe had to be and now come to realize it is more out of habit that I do these things.  I find myself making decisions on the changes I want to make and to reclaim the person that has been covered up by the misconceptions that life has brought.  She is not sleeping peacefully any longer.  She is awakening to the good things in life again.  She is a person I want to become once again.  The reunion of my old self and the wisdom that comes with that and the new future including this person within.  What an exciting time for rediscovery.


mk My-mission-in-life-is-not-merely

I have been going through the motions of my life.  With this new awakening that the MKMMA has brought forth within me I am determining my mission in life.  The process of my search and rescue of my inner self has begun.  It brings me to many levels of emotion, but it is well worth it.  As my mission unfolds it is becoming my new way of life. Progression and persistence is the motivator.  It is still too early to fully understand this progression as I peel away the layers of mediocrity of the old life.

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Alone time is very important to me.  There is a difference to being alone and being lonely. I do enjoy my time alone but am I truly alone?  Im my moments of quiet and oneness I am also in tune with the Divine Source.  It is a time of renergizing and renewal of my personal power.

mk the lost child

The past few weeks we havc had all the readings and information of the MKMMA to take in.  It has been directing me in a direction.  I understand about how the mind works and the peptides etc.  It is a learning process and a change of the old blueprint vs. the new bluepring.  It has waged a war within me.  A conflict of this old mindset and the new.  Some things are working for me but there is an obstacle that I have felt the need to identify.  There is something that always holds me back and until now I have not understood why.  Last week there was talk about facing and confronting the negatives we have been raised with in order to let them go.  Many of us have had difficulties along the path of life, whether as an adult or as a child and we deal with them the best we can.  In the process of my self discovery and emergence, I need to understand what it is that holds me back and now I think I do.  It is not just a declaration of saying I have low self esteem.  I choose not to believe that.  That is too convenient a definition in the society of today.  A few days ago I had the TV on.  I had been keeping it off as part of what we have been asked to do, but this day I did have it on and Dr. Phil was on.  I never watch that but something caught my attention.  The definition of the ‘Lost Child’ as family placement roles.  They were identifying the role of children in the family, not just by first child, middle child and third child.  I had seen those definitions before but never related to that.  I can bettr relate to the definition of the ‘Lost Child.’  I have attached the link to read.  The Lost Child

I was born the third child in my family.  I have little memory of my father.  He suffered from Post Traumtic Stress Syndrome from the war.  This my brother and I came to understand just recently.  He achieved suicide when I was 8.  My mother raised as alone.  She was my role model.  She started a buisness and raised us alone. She did a great job in my opinion.  My older sister suffered from mental issues and she was always the focus, even in her adult years.  I was always determined not to put my mother in a position of having her choose between her children so I always strived to do whatevern to never place any demands on my mothr and to also be supportive in anything she felt she had to do for my sister.  In doing this I was more or less the ‘invisible and unheard’ of the title.  In recognizing that, it places me in a position to understand why I do so many things alone.  I keep things to my self, never voice my opinion (no one wants to hear what I have to say anyway, part of the old blueprint) and I never ask for help as I can do it myself. All symtoms of the lost child.  It makes so much sense to me and now feel I can do what I need to do to make some changes.  Everything in my life has had to do what was best for others.  I now know that is no longer my truth.  I am thankful to being in the right place at th right time to see this segment of Dr. Phil.  Someone wanted me to see it and I am thankful for that.  This is a new discovery in search of the girl I am in search and rescue of a previous post.  The search has been achieved, now for the rescue.

The message for me this week is leting my little light of mine shine now and into the future.  It is and has always been within me.  One of the symbolisms of the Christmas season is to emerge from the darkness into the light.  Past years have had the same message but this year it means more to me.  I will carry this light into next year and beyond.  Not just because it is Christmas but because it is our ability to tap into th Divine Source.  I believe he power within is from that sam Divine Source of energy.  This little light of mine is going from a glow within to the full brightness that is mine.