MK when you look at things differently

As I began this week, I looked it as a negative.  Shortly before the webcast I had an accident.  I was home in time to be on the webcast, but didn’t get the full impact of it as I had taken medication for pain and to tell the truth, my focus was not on what was being said.  I am thankful for the recordings and was able to watch once I was in a better frame of mind.  This weeks happening goes along with the thought at the beginning of the webcast ‘looking differently at things makes things different.’  What began as something that could have made me feel sorry for myself, turned into finding myself finding the positive out of this. I have become a fan of my left hand.  Always taken for granted, now the major player.  After a day of thinking it over, the healing process seems to be happening quickly.  Every day, in every way, I am better and better!  I am slow in getting this post out as I am left-hand typing, but yay lefty! You are coming through!   A short post this time, but got it done.