MK rescue yourself

I am generally someone that does not voice an opinion.  We were taught in our family to keep things to oureselves.  I have had a lot to think about this week.  This is my third post on what I took from week 7.  There have been many of us that are feeling the emotion of this journey we are taking.  Sunday someone had expressed being brought to tears over this transformation.  It was said that this is a sense of grieving as we lose the old self for the new self.  I have pondered this thought.  I have been known to be a ponderer.  I can understand where this thought comes from, the grieving of someone or something lost, but I have chosen another thought.  I don’t want to lose my old self, just the old mindset.  It is in my view a search and rescue.  To find the me that is buried within me.  It is like an adventure movie.  The trials and tribulations of the characters in the movie working their best to survive.  Many times people are separated and lost.  At the end of the movie they make through all the tough times and reunite.  The emotions of this reunion are always emotional.  I always feel that emotion of the characters as the movie comes to an end, the caring and love showing and the emotion they express as they hug each other and appreciate that they have made it to safety.  That is why this journey is emotional for me.  Not to grieve to loss of the old mindset or frame of mind, but to find the person I once was again.  I used to be a very optimistic and positive thinking person.  That somehow was lost along the way.  But I was always taught that other people and other things come first.  If we put ourselves first we were selfish.  I now know that if you take care of yourself first, you are better prepared to help others.  So this is my emotion.  To find me and reunite.  To find this person I know still exists within me and in doing this I not only find this positive, nuturing and caring person but I get back my power.  The power to be all I can be.  It was there then and it is still there.  That is the source of my emotion.  I can’t wait to find the future me which is also a big part of the existing me renewed.  That is and will be an emotional connection.