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Week 9: Trust in Yourself

mk believe in youself

Trust!  An opening word for this week. Always a challenge for me.  There are levels of trust and.truth.  I have placed my trust in others only to find they were not the one to trust.  Always a risk with trust.  But who best to trust?  Me.  I trust me.  I trust my truth.  My truth is not always the same as other’s but that doesn’t make it wrong.  My truth becomes my belief. Lesson learned is to trust and believe in myself first which establishes my truth which brings me back to belief. Deep within I know my truth.  It is not what others tell me what it is. My truth, my trust, my belief.

Short blog again.  Still operating one handed but here is a truth. We come equipped with all that we need.  We can adapt to anything we choose.  If it is to be, it is up to me.

MK when you look at things differently

As I began this week, I looked it as a negative.  Shortly before the webcast I had an accident.  I was home in time to be on the webcast, but didn’t get the full impact of it as I had taken medication for pain and to tell the truth, my focus was not on what was being said.  I am thankful for the recordings and was able to watch once I was in a better frame of mind.  This weeks happening goes along with the thought at the beginning of the webcast ‘looking differently at things makes things different.’  What began as something that could have made me feel sorry for myself, turned into finding myself finding the positive out of this. I have become a fan of my left hand.  Always taken for granted, now the major player.  After a day of thinking it over, the healing process seems to be happening quickly.  Every day, in every way, I am better and better!  I am slow in getting this post out as I am left-hand typing, but yay lefty! You are coming through!   A short post this time, but got it done.


MK rescue yourself

I am generally someone that does not voice an opinion.  We were taught in our family to keep things to oureselves.  I have had a lot to think about this week.  This is my third post on what I took from week 7.  There have been many of us that are feeling the emotion of this journey we are taking.  Sunday someone had expressed being brought to tears over this transformation.  It was said that this is a sense of grieving as we lose the old self for the new self.  I have pondered this thought.  I have been known to be a ponderer.  I can understand where this thought comes from, the grieving of someone or something lost, but I have chosen another thought.  I don’t want to lose my old self, just the old mindset.  It is in my view a search and rescue.  To find the me that is buried within me.  It is like an adventure movie.  The trials and tribulations of the characters in the movie working their best to survive.  Many times people are separated and lost.  At the end of the movie they make through all the tough times and reunite.  The emotions of this reunion are always emotional.  I always feel that emotion of the characters as the movie comes to an end, the caring and love showing and the emotion they express as they hug each other and appreciate that they have made it to safety.  That is why this journey is emotional for me.  Not to grieve to loss of the old mindset or frame of mind, but to find the person I once was again.  I used to be a very optimistic and positive thinking person.  That somehow was lost along the way.  But I was always taught that other people and other things come first.  If we put ourselves first we were selfish.  I now know that if you take care of yourself first, you are better prepared to help others.  So this is my emotion.  To find me and reunite.  To find this person I know still exists within me and in doing this I not only find this positive, nuturing and caring person but I get back my power.  The power to be all I can be.  It was there then and it is still there.  That is the source of my emotion.  I can’t wait to find the future me which is also a big part of the existing me renewed.  That is and will be an emotional connection.

mk forgive

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

– Catherine Ponder

A few months back a friend of mine had a negative experience with a person she had known since high school.  There was some discussion about this within her circle of friends.  One had suggested she forgive this person but she was too hurt at that time to do that.  The discussion of forgiveness ensued.  For some reason the general thinking of forgiveness was that the person that was hurt should be the person to forgive, thus making them the ‘bigger person.’  In doing this they also suggested that in the process of forgiving, they embrace the person that was hurtful and pretend nothing happened.  The ‘turn the other cheek’ theory.  There are the instances where there was a misunderstanding and with the efforts of both parties forgiveness and understanding can happen and retain the relationship.  But there are the times where someone does not have the ability to see their role in situation or are intentionally hurtful.  In my opinion this is the area of the “gift of forgiveness.”  When it is a situation that there is nothing more you can do to resolve an issue with someone that continually or intentionally hurt you, the act of forgiveness is a gift to yourself.  It is the realization that you have done all you can to do make it right and it is prefectly alright to let this relationship go and move on.  You wish them well, release yourself from the negative atmosphere and live your life.  In the process you forgive yourself for having to give up someone you thought was an important part in your life.  Over the past two years I have learned this lesson.  I have had to let go of people that I thought were friends and had to face the fact they truly were not.  My efforts to retain these friends became too much work and is no longer a priority for me.  It is such a relief to give my self free license to let go and find new, positive friends and relationships.  There are still long time friends that I am in touch with.  Some I had not seen in a long time but in my new found search for a positive circle of influence I have reconnected with them.  Lesson learned, “sometimes you need to know when to quit.”  And there is nothing wrong with that.

mk every day a choice

This week began the 7 day mental diet.  The process of choosing between negative and positive thoughts.  On Monday I had my firts notable thought that I can talk about.  I had something to do and had left my house.  Before I did leave I took my movie poster and put it on a chair as I was going to add to it when I came home.  The surprise was as soon as I walked through the door there was my poster, on the floor, torn up by one of my dogs and ceremoniously peed on.  My first reaction was the old mind set thought, that this was an omen to stop me from my journey.  As I said, old mind set.  I quickly changed the thought to this is something dogs do.  It is not an omen and I need to start again.  This time the movie poster will be placed in a higher and safe place.  Mind you, these are dachshunds.  Short legged dogs.  They shouldn’t have reached it in the first place, but the youngest one is a climber.  Lesson learned, never understimate a short dog.  I am also a not so tall person, never underestimate my own ability to reach for the stars.  If I want it badly enough, I can achieve it.  The choice is how I choose my thoughts.  Good thought control that day, but then the next day at 5:30 in the morning I was aggravated by red traffic lights.  Quickly changed that thought to the fact that the lights changing have nothing to do with me.  They are set to work as they do and I will just have to learn to stop and wait and not be aggravated.  Good thought change practice.

mk chains are gone

Week 6 part 2: My Chains Are Gone

The beginning of my week began with a feeling of agitation but the week ended with a better frame of mind.  We are all becoming aware of things happening, some are big and some are small.  During my moment of agitation, I made the effort to change this feeling of discomfort.  I was going through papers and shredding what was not longer necessary to keep. I found a book I read a while back and flipped through it.  I came on the chapter of freedom.  With Liberty as on of my PPN’s I read this.  It pinpointed what might have been part of my feeling of agitation.  The book is “Power, Freedom and Grace” by Deepak Chopra.  Chapter 10 is where I came upon what I assume the Divine Source wanted me to read.  The first sentence is ‘One of the most crucial aspects of life is the notion of freedom and the notion of bondage.  Ultimately our goal is to experience freedom, but to understand what freedom is we first have to understand what bondage is.’  In reading this, I have found that in this sense the bondage I face is the bondage of my limitations, my beliefs that hold me back and the fear of change.  Freedom is the ability to chose how I will live my life and discover my future self.  The choice is mine the choice is made.

Week 6: F.L.Y

mk first love yourself

This is one of the hardest things I have found in all of this journey, to first love myself.  I’m not sure why it is so hard as I am the person I can depend on more than anyone else.  So I begin this part of the journey, to learn love of self, to revel in my success and to learn from my failings.  As I start this week and this new approach to self love, I find myself aggitated.  Is it because I have been denying this from myself for too long?  Is it because I am a stranger to this feeling?  Whatever the reason I will continue, I will move forward as I see this as a major step to my freedom.  Freedom from what I am learning to release from my past and also the release of the negativity I have had around me.  Maybe this is the aggitation.  Letting go what was familiar in the effort to find true meaning within myself.  Saying good bye is not always easy but when what is around you makes me unhappy it is time to find what does and this is what I am doing.  Finding the right path for my life with the person I love, myself.  A truly great, fun, and loving person.  Self love is food for the soul.