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Light out shines darkness

“I will love the light as it shows me the way, yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.”  Og Mandingo.

Since I begin this round of MKMMA, there have been instances of mind-blowing events and things I used to see as coincidences that have happened.  Some were small, like a post on facebook that may catch my eye, or the comments as I have posted on how people see me.  I have been meeting and making new friends with a more positive attitude than the acquaintances I have drawn away from.  But the most significant one happened this week.  Something that has been hanging over my head for some time and something I have been trying to avoid happened this past week. This time of dread has turned into something of a blessing instead.  It was something that I had been taught was a negative and something you do everything in your power to avoid.  With the happening of this event there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.  This negative is becoming a positive and will fall into place as I move forward with my pivotal change and the MKMMA.  My DMP is taking shape!  My years of good times is beginning.


“Self Discovery: the final frontier.

This is the I am voyage. My five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out a new life, new adventures and fulfill my dreams; to boldly go where I have never gone before.”  I reworded this from the opening of Star Trek and the quote from Capt. James T. Kirk.  I always liked this quote at the beginning of every show and find that I can use this to apply to me.  I am moving past my comfort zone and into a wonderful world of discovery.  When I was younger people used to say they needed to ‘find myself.”  I used to think “just look in the mirror!’  but I understand this comment now.  I am discovering wonderful things about myself and this awakening leaves me in the hight spirits I alwasy strived for.  My time has come and I am enjoying the beginning steps of my journey.

‘There Is No Way to Happiness; Happiness Is the Way’

Who you are what you find.

In my last commentary I spoke of my perception of myself and how others perceive me.  I had another encounter on someone I haven’t seen in years.  I didn’t even know she knew I existed.  She told a friend of mine what a nice and wonderful person I was.  This is evidence of the selfdiscovery that lies within.  The attributes others see in me and what I haven’t seen in myself are there to be tapped into. This selfdiscovery is an exciting time for me.  I am more than I thought I was and there is an endless source to tap into.

The first two weeks of MKMMA have been a challenge for me. Not just in doing my DMP but I have been organizing a visit of an exchange group from New Zealand.  It has taken most of my time these first two weeks of MKMMA.  But I always keep my promises.  I fulfilled the final obligation and they enjoyed their trip.  Now we will visit them in New Zealand in 2016.  But in the concept of always keeping my promise, I find I always do this for others but not for me.  This is my next area to take control of.  I will always keep my promises to me and the other promises to others will fall into place.  I am finally getting the hang of this.  Discovery of who I am and liking what I find.


MKMMA Insight

In this second time around I am focused on what I seem to have forgotten after the first time.  Self discovery has happened somewhat but I forgot to think about myself first.  If I know myself then I can focus on helping others.  It is strange over the past few weeks, I came to the realization that there are things I have to let go.  That in itself is a weight off my mind.  Acceptance to move on.  But what has been of the most enlightening is some input I have received from others.  I have disassociated with some of my friends that had more of a negative impact on me.  I have begun building a new circle of influence.  In doing this I find that my persecption of myself is not what I emit to others.  Their insight into me is a much more positive look than I give to myself.  It is there but I have not recognized it.  When they say how they perceive my I have the thought of “who are they talking about.”  My negative perception is in my mind and what others see in me is a positive outlook.  A sign of the old blueprint and a glimpse of the new one.  They one that I truly am as seen by others.  I embrace this and move toward it.  My new mindset, my life anew.