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The text in this blog is from the book “I AM:  The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are” Howard Falco.  It compliments what we have been studying along with the videos by Stephen Shaw and  Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You are now aware that You, like everything else in existence, are energy.

You are now aware that You decide who you are in every moment.

You are now aware that your emotions reveal the state of our energy.

You are now aware that addiction is only a temporary means to achieve a more tolerable state of mind.

You are now aware that attempts to get personal validation and approval in place of your own self-approval have karmic repercussions.

You are now aware that feeling stuck in undesired reality comes form a false belief you hold about who you really are (I AM).

You are now aware that you have always done the best you could in every moment of your life.

You are now aware that You are already whole, complete, and perfect.

You are now aware that your acceptance of your worthiness and perfection allows you to tap more of your infinite creative potential.

You are now aware that You are an infinite expression of love that has been created from an infinite source of love.

You are now aware that by accepting your unlimited potential to love, you will be able to define yourself and express this love in any way that you choose.

You are now aware that the past and th future do not exist, and that all you ever have is NOW to decide, declare and act as you desire to BE: “I AM”

For years I have been reading books on the subjects we are now covering in the MKMMA.  I find that I was suffering from information overload.  The past weeks have been the beginning of my ability in practicing what I know to be true.  Application in my life has not been easy but the understanding now is better.  We have now reached the point where I believe I have been lacking.  During the Go90pro course there was the mention of books written by Peter McMilliams.  I had two of his books sitting on my shelf.  Live 101 and Do It!.  I have reread those books and found the obstacle that stands in my way.  We touched on it at the last webinar.  I have fears that hold me back, but now I know it is not what I thought it was that was holding me back.  It is the sense of unworthiness that brings in my fears.  I am looking forward to the next few weeks as address the issues of fear and unworthiness.  This leads to all of the other negative emotions.  I have the power within be to overcome the unworthiness.  I just need the tools to do that.

Not a post pertaining to any week or assignment for MKMMA.  I came across this song and it sums it up.  I have known a lot of the information that we have gone over the last few weeks.  Knowing and and implementing it are two different things.  I have never been one to talk openly about my feelings.  Few people know very much about me.  The last ten years have been mostly by myself.  I always thought no one really cared about what I had to say.  That is all beginning to change.  One of my biggest challenges is to get myself out and with people.  Facing that challenge has now begun.  I have overcome other obstacles in my life and now I face the one that is most important in my life.  Finding love within myself and sharing.  I AM a child of God.

Week 9 of my blog is about the Power of I Am as taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  In watching the movie I am by Tom Shadayac I am brought back to that lesson.  It also ties in with last weeks blog on the stages of the heroes journey.

1.  The Mundane World.  This is where I have spent most of my past.  Going through the motions on what I was taught was expected of me.  Not that that is necessarily wrong, but it sets us up for mediocrity.  I have always wanted more, but had settled for what I knew.  I felt stuck and stayed in my world that was incomplete.  Things that I saw happening to other people were great, but that was not available to me.

2.  Call to Adventure.  When I saw the Master Key Master Mind Alliance scholarship, I thought “I’ll try this, maybe I can get unstuck”.  Little did I realize this would be my call to action.  It has stirred a lot of feelings within me.  I have always knew there was a Divine Power and have tied multiple times to connect, with little success.  This adventure as we call it, is the connection to a world I wanted a part of and now I AM.

3.  Crossing the Threshold.  I have crossed the threshold and there is no turning back.  I am achieving some of my goals.  Them most difficult ones are the personal ones.  I am progressing on the community projects.  What a tremendous feeling of accomplishment!  Knowing that my input is part of what is generating a resurgence in our economic upturn.  Now on to my own resurgence.  Building a thriving business using all that is available to me.  I AM a child of God and all good things come to me.

4.  Path of Trials.  There have been many trials and tribulations on my journey and have overcome them.  It has not all been bad, man good times as well.  We lost our father to suicide when we were young, but we had a strong mother to guide us. My mother was my bet friend in life.  Together we faced taking care of my sister and her sister who both suffered from mental illness.  Taking care of my mother’s second husband who suffered of a physical illness for years.  The gift in all this is the time I spent with my mother, my mentor.  A woman of strong faith, could handle any situation and a woman who loved her family and life.  We don’t have to look far to find the people to be admired most.

5.  Master of Both Worlds.  I AM the master of both worlds.  My past has made me what I am today, and and what a furtuer I have with the Power of Now and the MKMMA