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The stages of the Heroes Journey.  We begin in the Mundane World, where I have been for most of my life.  It is time to change.  My old self is kicking and screaming, but I will prevail. Second stage is the Call to Adventure, where the Master Key Master Mind Alliance begins my adventure.  It has brought me to an upheaval of emotion.  One day happy and looking forward to the adventure, other days a sense of sadness.  With week 17 I know it is part of the process.  I thought there was something wrong with me.  Stage three is Crossing the Threshold, where I am at at this point in time.  I continue with the adventure, Stage four is the Path of Trials. where I face the trials and tribulations and cross the threshold.  Stage 5 is the Master of the Two Worlds.  I accept I am a Hero and I am taking the journey

The realm of possibility exists within you.

A few years ago I watched the movie “Paying It Forward.”  It is the story of a teacher and his impact on a particular student that comes up with the plan of paying if forward.  Acts of kindness can bring about major change in the world.  Not always noticeable at the time of the act of kindness.  The first video shows the overall message of the movie.  It ends with the boy being killed by a school bully while trying to protect his friend.  In his short life the power of his paying it forward shows in the final scenes.

The Power of our words are the determination of our life.  Our self talk creates our future.  That is the purpose of the new Blueprint, and the Master Key, to change the mindset with a new vocabulary.  A big change for me.  This sounds so simple, but is my biggest challenge.  We are a product of what we are taught.  The people who taught the old mindset did so in thinking it was for our good.  I now know that they were also taught the old mindset and did the best they could.  I thank God I am learning how to change this course of thinking with the Master Key and what it is offering.  I know I am winning in this, but must admit, I slide back now and again.  I will prevail.

I have fallen behind in my blog because of a loss within my family.  It has been difficult for me to organize my thoughts this week.  I have found something on you tube that fits with our study of Scroll IV “I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.”  This is the unofficial anthem to the Olympics this year.  This is perfect for this month.


Published on May 23, 2012

I was inspiried when reading Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World to write a song that would not only be a positive affirmation but would celebrate the fact that no matter what we are totally unique no one can walk,talk or smile like us we are nature’s individual miracles and that is somethng to not only be proud of but to be celebrated.. As a care worker, working with profoundly disabled kids i found my self thinking of those kidz, when i read the book and how wonderful and unique they are too…. This lead me to think of this great worlds athletes and paralympians that push themselves to live their dream…. this song if for you !!! This song will be released online in July 2012 and all proceeds will be shared between 2 charities to help kids with disabilities and those from deprived areas to achieve their sporting dreams.  Jaden Corneli0us