History and the stories of our ancestors are the teachers that have gone before us.  I would like to think of the ancestors that moved around the world in search of a better life.  Leaving behind what they have always known and facing the unknown.  There are many stories of their faith and courage.  The followed their dreams and left their comfort zones behind.  I think we are doing the same in a different way.  Facing the unknown and leaving our comfort zones behind which takes faith, courage and perseverance.  We travel new ground on our journey.  This video is about a 15 year old girl,  leaving behind the world she has known and traveling to the unknown much like we are doing.  The difference is that we are looking within and our inner child is leaving the world we know and finding the world of the unknown, the universal answer to abundance.

The symbolism to me is Isle of Hope is our search for the law of attraction,  Isle of tears, our inhibitions that have held us back, Isle of Freedom is the achievement of finding our divine connetion,  Isle fears is the faith and courage we face to overcome our fears.