In doing the Master Key Alliance Mastermind, I find that it not only triggers new thoughts a different perspective on the way I look at things, but it is also triggering things that I have known but have forgotten over the years.  I find that it doesn’t just change the way of thinking for the future, but also brings about some of the positive messages that were given to us at a young age.  It is the awakening of the inner child that I find is a plus in all of this.  The ability to dream and fulfill these dreams were part of what we were taught which at times got lost along the way.   After week 7, with the implementation of the compass and also my thoughts about the stability of the north star, it triggered a childhood song which for me has some meaning.

My imagination has been dormant for some time.  I look forward to it being rekindled.  What better representation of imagination and creativity than a Disney song.  We all grew up with Disney.  What a wonderful example of creativity and imagination.